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Ormus-like Phenomena: A Brief Introduction to Syntropic Antioxidative Microbial (SAM) Type 4 Consortia, Including EM
and to PNSB, a Group of of Microbes which Form the Heart of the SAM Type 4 Consortia

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last revision date: 11/02/2019

A Brief Introductory Note Regarding SAM Type 4 Microbial Consortia (including EM) and PNSB
Syntropic antioxidative microbial (SAM) Type 4 consortia are found in a number of niches in nature and are also, fortunately, available in some commercial culture products and nutritional supplement products as well; one of the numerous categories of products known by this name is often known by the generic terms "EM", "effective microorganisms", "efficient microbes", "effcient microrganisms", and these and related SAM Type 4 cultures are used worldwide in a variety of applications. Commercially-available SAM Type 4 microbial consortia cultures tend to contain a cooperative and synergistic community of about 20 to 30 beneficial microbes, and the consortia exhibits marked antioxidative and syntropic (aka anti-entropic or negentropic) properties, and which is employed in a variety of fields across the world, including:
  • human and animal nutrition
  • odor management and odor neutralization
  • agricultural applications, including treatment of soil, compost and ag waste
  • treatment and remediation of industrial and municipal waste
  • treatment and remediation of industrial and municipal wastewater, aka sewage
  • environmental toxic waste remediation
  • remediation of polluted waterways
While the typical commercially-available SAM Type 4 microbial consortia culture includes a number of lactic acid bacteria and some beneficial yeast, the microbes which form the "heart" of SAM Type 4 cultures, and which lend it many of its antioxidative and syntropic properties (and subtle energy (aka exotic energy) properties as well, as we shall see later) are any of several related species of which are purple-red microbes which are facultative phototrophes; this means that they can use light as an energy source when it is present, but do not require light for growth. These purple-red microbes, usually members of genera Rhodobacter, Rhodospirillum and Rhodospirillum, are often known collectively in the world of microbiology as "purple non-sulfur bacteria", or PNSB.

SAM Type 4 Consortia and Exotic Energies (aka Subtle Energies)
First, a View of the Early Japanese History of its Subtle Energy Properties
One of the better-known commercially-available SAM Type 4 culture products is often referenced as EM. In the 1980s and early 1990s, when EM was primarily well-known largely in Japan and a few other Asian countries, many persons (including academic researchers) who worked with EM products sensed the powerful subtle energy properties of many EM products. At first, they referenced this property by various names such as chi (aka ki or qi), and then later, in an effort to sound more "scientific", Dr. Higa started to call this powerful subtle energy property by the name "wave resonance". Unfortunately, his use of this term and similar terms, simply resulted in his being estranged even further (he was already quite estranged from the mainstream scientific community in Japan because of his advocacy of non-chemical methods of nourishing plants and treating plant diseases) from most of the scientific and academic community in Japan, because this term was very imprecise and was not a scientific term, and worse (from the viewpoint of the academicians) it reeked of "subtle energies", that is, energies or fields claimed to lie outside the classical Hertzian realm.

In a quest for at least a modicum of recognition and acceptance by the scientific community, Dr. Higa eventually dropped the use of the term "wave resonance" and instead -- after meeting Dr. Shinichi Seike, who was then director of the Gravity Wave Laboratory in Japan and learning of Dr. Seike's bleeding-edge theories on gravity waves -- switched to using the terms "gravity waves" and "gravity wave resonance" to describe the subtle energy properties of EM. Unfortunately, this shift in terminology did little to improve Dr. Higa's standing in the academic and scientific communities, because Dr. Seike's theories were considered by mainstream Japanese scientists to be nearly heretical and too bleeding-edge. 

Incidentally, while on the topic of Seike, I must mention that by the advent of the early 1990s another somewhat on-the-fringes Japanese scientist, also a self-styled "gravity wave" researcher who called such subtle energy phenomena by the name "gravitonics" -- and, oddly enough, bearing a surname quite similar to Seike's -- appeared on the scene and, upon handling EM, reportedly declared that it was loaded with "graviton energy". His name was Dr. Hideo Seki (now deceased; he died around the year 2004), and his work -- in a vein similar to that of Seike -- was focused on what he called "gravitons" and "gravitational energy", and as mentioned earlier, he claimed that EM products emitted copious amounts of a subtle energy that he called "graviton" energy. It may also be worth noting that Dr. Hideo Seki and his work seem to have been rather eagerly embraced by the Hado movement in Japan and by the ubiquitous Dr. Emoto who publishes photographs of ice crystals from various types of water. (Incidentally, many persons mistake these Emoto/Hado photographs for "scientific research" and further mistake the photos for proof that certain types of water have "better" subtle energy properties than other types of water, when the reality is that even Dr. Emoto admits that the photographs are carefully culled from hundreds or thousands of samples, and are therefore, at best, carefully manipulated marketing images.) Since then, a similar assertion about EM products emitting copious amounts of graviton energy has been made by Seki's student Masakazu Karita, a Japanese university professor who has become rather famous of late in the subtle energy field and the "free energy" realm for his rather esoteric claims regarding magnets and subtle energy (and free energy!)

Very similar tales of powerful exotic energy effects have also tended to follow several of the other commercially-available SAM Type 4 cultures since the early 1960s, if not earlier.

Lastly, before moving on to an overview of ormus-like effects attributed to SAM Type 4 microbial consortia, I want to say that most of us in the SAM field are agreed that most, if not all, of the ormus-like subtle energy effects of SAM Type 4 products (including EM) seem to be due to the aforementioned PNSB microbes which are the heart of the culture. In fact, Dr. Higa, the original developer of EM, has stated many times that he feels that the vast majority of the "gravity wave resonance" energy coming from EM was due to the presence of the PNSB microbes.

An Overview of SAM Type 4 Products and Subtle Energy/Ormus-like Effects
I have worked with the PNSB and syntropic antioxidative microbe technologies since 2002, and have worked and played with Dr. Shinichi Seike's ideas of gravity fields since the late 1970s. As for the ormus or ormus-like appellation for some of the subtle energy effects of SAM Type 4 products, if my memory serves me right, there was quite a buzz on several of the ormus list groups in the early 2000s to the effect that several ormus researchers had stumbled upon EM (a commonly-used name for one type of commercially-available SAM Type 4 microbial consortia culture) and had become quite impressed with what they felt were its ormus properties. And then, again if my memory serves me right, within a year or two after that initial "buzz", ormus popularizer/lecturer Barry Carter and a few folks from the mainstream ormus world appear to have been some of the early adopters of the term "ormus" and "m-state" in relation to the subtle energy effects of EM, but they were hardly the only ones, and, among others, a number of West Coast ormus researchers seemed to have jumped on the same terminology bandwagon at about the same time, judging from the emails and phone calls which I received at the time from some of them.

Some Reasons Why Many Feel that SAM Type 4 Microbial Consortia Products Exhibit Ormus-like Properties
The reasons why many folks, myself included, feel that many SAM Type 4 products, including some EM culture products, exhibit ormus-like properties are manifold, and include:
  • For starters, there are the impressions of early users of EM in Japan, who consistently noticed strong subtle energy effects from EM products. Not having words such as "ormus" or "subtle energies" in their vocabulary, they started borrowing terms from various subtle-energy-related "scientific" fields, first calling the effect "wave resonance", and later using the terms "gravity waves" and "gravity wave resonance". The prolific use of these terms by EM promoters (and Dr. Higa himself) not only earned EM and its academic promoters quite a bit of ridicule in the Japanese academic and scientific communities, but also resulted in quite a bit of wariness and skepticism in the agricultural and scientific communities in the West as EM started moving into the Western hemisphere.

  • while we are talking about Japan, I have a funny anecdote to share with you: I was contacted around the year 2003 by an American who was living in a small city in Japan and working as a university professor at a local university; he had a bit of experience with Chi Kung and with martial arts, and thus was somewhat familiar with the concept of qi (aka "chi".) One morning while waiting on a city side street for a bus in front of a non-descript shop, he noticed that there seemed to be a very powerful qi-type energy radiating from some bottles of brownish liquid sitting in the window. Curious, he read the sign above the shop, and discovered that it sold gardening supplies. He walked into the shop and put his hands near a bottle, and reported that he could feel strong chi emanating from the liquid. He then asked the clerk what the liquid was, and the clerk explained to him that it was a microbial culture known as "EM". My acquaintance ended up purchasing a handful of bottles of EM culture, and from that moment on, he was hooked. He started drinking the liquid as a nutritional supplement, and reported that he was able to notice an infusion of energy each time he sipped the liquid.

  • The reports across over twenty years from Japan of subtle energy effects are not isolated to Japan nor to Asian countries, and rather, the reports of subtle energy properties have followed EM as it spread across the Western world.

  • Much as noted in the SAM Type 4 section on the main page of my SAM website, at least two preparations used in Biodynamic farming, including BD500 and BD502, have been claimed by some researchers to contain primarily SAM Type 4 consortia, and the purpose of these compost and soil treatment preparations in Biodynamics has been, since the 1930s, to add various exotic energies and "spiritual" or etheric energies to agricultural soil and ultimately to the plants growing in the soil.

  • In 1977, a Russian immigrant scientist named Dr. George Merkl, started producing a strange fermented syntropic antioxidative nutritional product which he called first by the names Life Crystals and Sumerian Elixir and later by several other names, including Renaissance Drink; the reddish-brown liquid product, which had been fermented with a SAM Type 4 culture, was widely reputed to exhibit powerful exotic energy properties. In fact, one of the earlier popularizers and lectures in the realms of ormus nutritionals, Dr. David Hudson, along with several other lecturers in the field, started to mention Dr. George Merkl's Life Crystals and Sumerian Elixir as containing a very large quantity of ormus nutrients, that is, minerals and trace elements in ormus form.

  • I have been working intensively with EM and other SAM Type 4 cultures since late 2002, and I often brew large quantities of SAM Type 4 fermented liquids, both for animal use (i.e., my chickens) and for human use here. I have, over the years, been visited by a number of alternative healthcare practitioners, such a chiropractors, acupuncturists and naturopaths, and also by some raw food (raw vegan) dietary gurus as well. Many of these people are also meditators or intuitives, and so it is natural to expect that they would be more sensitive to subtle energies than "regular" people. Each had contacted me because they had heard of EM, but had never tried it, and explained that they lived within an hour or two of my home and lab, and asked if they could visit me sometime and learn a bit more about SAM Type 4 microbes, including EM, and also perhaps get a chance to sample some of the SAM Type 4 brews which I have in my lab. In each case, when my visitor arrived and took his/her first sip of a SAM Type 4 brew, almost every one of them reported that an immediate flush of energy seemed to spread throughout their bodies as soon as the liquid hit their lips. All of them contacted me later to report that they had continued to ingest SAM Type 4 cultures or brews as a nutritional supplement, and that they noticed that their meditations became deeper and deeper -- and easier -- as a result of drinking these nutritional antioxidant and probiotic supplements; several also reported a major opening of their heart and belly chakras in the first three days after initially starting to drink these SAM products, and, as one practitioner (a chiropractor and raw food guru) said to me: "I had always thought, for the past six years, that my heart and belly centers were already very open, and I would not have believed that those energy centers could open further, but both opened within two days and became more than twice their original, and I just feel healthier and more loving, and "larger" in an energy/love sense!"

  • The effects reported immediately above by "sensitive" meditators and healthcare practitioners are not unusual, and many "normal" or "mainstream" people who have ingested SAM Type 4 products as a nutritional supplement have reported not only steady improvements in health, and also in gum and dental health, but have also reported interesting beneficial inner shifts on the energetic, emotional and spiritual level which they have attributed to their ingestion of these products.

  • We often hear reports that some of the more effective ormus products, when fed to livestock such as chickens, will result in a significant decrease in morbidity and mortality from all causes, an increase in feed conversion efficiency, more rapid growth and weight gain, and improved overall health. The same effects have been observed worldwide for years when using SAM Type 4 products (including EM) as a nutritional supplement with chickens and other livestock, and, while I would hardly try to claim that all of this effect is due to the ormus-like effects of EM (rather, I believe that at least part of the effect is simply due to the massive amount of live raw-food-form antioxidants in these products, along with their probiotic properties, thus making the animal's GI tract more efficient), my sense is that part of the effect is due to the subtle energy properties of SAM Type 4 microbial consortia products.

  • Many farmers, even factory farmers raising perhaps 10,000 birds in one crowded "factory barn", have reported that when they started their birds (or, in one case, pigs) on EM and other varieties of SAM Type 4 cultures as a nutritional supplement, aside from noticing the health benefits mentioned above, the animals immediately became far less stressed and acted much "happier." I see this effect as largely due to the SAM Type 4 ormus-like properties.

  • In addition to brewing various types of SAM Type 4 nutritional products here, I also brew, at times, relatively pure cultures of PNSB microbes. Whenever I have visitors here who are very "sensitive" or intuitive, they always, upon handling various bottles in my lab of SAM Type 4 and of PNSB microbes, report that the PNSB cultures tend to have an even much stronger subtle energy or "ormus" feel than does the SAM Type 4 consortia. In fact, a few sensitives have claimed to have received a significant "ormus" energy infusion simply from holding a bottle of the PNSB microbes for a minute.

  • SAM Type 4 cultures have been observed many times in many settings to exhibit syntropic (aka anti-entropic) properties; they are almost entirely linked to the PNSB microbes in the microbial consortium. While credit for some of these syntropic properties may lie with the antioxidants and related "energy compounds" produced by the non-PNSB microbes in SAM Type 4 consortia, I feel, as do many others, that the majority of these negentropic effects are due to the subtle energy ormus-like properties of the PNSB.

  • As you are likely aware, some subtle-energy related methods and technologies ranging from raw foods diets (high in bioavailable ormus content) to complex homeopathy to acupuncture -- particularly in the early stages -- produce what are known as "cleansing crises" or "healing crises", where the person briefly re-experiences, as if in fast video replay various old injuries, illnesses and other dis-ease patterns from a physical, energetic, emotional, mental or etheric level as that whole nexus heals at a deeper level. And, as you are likely aware, many of the more powerful ormus products often produce such results as well, when ingested as nutritional supplements. Many SAM Type 4 products have been well-known across the world for years not only for their ability to facilitate healing when ingested as a nutritional supplement, but also for their ability to "provoke" healing crises (aka "tissue detoxification" or "cleansing crises".) A number of persons in the field, myself included, feel that a vast majority of this deep healing/regenerative ability of these SAM Type 4 products (including EM products) is due to the ormus-like subtle energy properties which they exhibit.

  • Lastly, as mentioned earlier, a core group in the ormus world in the US "discovered" the ormus-like subtle energy properties of EM in 2000, 2001 and 2002, and it became a topic of discussion on some ormus list groups, and eventually at least one list group (as mentioned above) on the topic of "EM and white gold" was started by a long-term ormus world insider.

Some Strong Caveats About Experimenting with SAM Type 4 Microbial Consortia and Ormus-like Properties

If you plan to experiment with SAM Type 4 cultures to explore their ormus-like properties, I have several important caveats for you, all related to the fact that the vast majority of the subtle energy ormus-like effects are due to the PNSB microbes which are the heart of the SAM Type 4 culture, else you will almost surely find little evidence of subtle energy activity; here goes with a short list:
  • first, do yourself a favor, and, if you are starting with an EM inoculant culture that you plan to consume directly or that you wish to use as an inoculant culture for growing your own experimental EM liquid brew, I suggest that you might wish to start with a high-PNSB version of a SAM Type 4 culture.

  • Next, if you choose to brew from the SAM Type 4 culture some of the a secondary product often known around the world as "activated EM", aka AEM, please be advised that, at least for subtle energy/ormus-like purposes, the stuff is next to useless, because, for these purposes, AEM, after brewing is done, is little more than lactic acid vinegar or lactic acid beer, and is largely lacking in the all-critical PNSB microbes which generate the subtle energy effects (what many in Japan call by the name "gravitational wave energy".) Rather, you will need, if you wish to accentuate subtle energy properties, to use more advanced and sophisticated formulas and processes to brew a customized SAM Type 4 brew, that, while it bears some vague resemblance to AEM, is brewed with far more ingredients and with far more sophisticated brewing techniques (and also for a far longer fermentation time) than is "traditional" AEM. In fact, I wrote a technical book a number of years ago which is devoted largely to advanced methods for brewing high-quality batches of customized SAM Type 4 fermented liquid products, including sophisticated nutritional brews, including some which exhibit rather powerful ormus-like effects. The book is entitled something like "Fermentation with Syntropic Antioxidative Microbes", and is distributed by SCD.
By the way, I regularly hear from persons in the ormus world who tell me that they briefly played with EM back in 2001 and 2002 when it had become a fad in the ormus world, but who report that they eventually dropped their experiments because they noticed little in the way of ormus-like effects from the liquid EM products which they had attempted to brew. When I asked if they had brewed simply the basic plain-vanilla activated EM (AEM) formula, their answer was invariably "yes", and that explains their lack of observed effects -- their final product was largely not EM anymore, but rather a cheap lactic acid beer or vinegar, largely lacking in the all-critical PNSB microbes and in some other essential microbes as well.

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