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Some Background and History on the Ancient Tek
Aetheric Energy Charging Device

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This article discusses an exotic etheric energy technology employed by Ancient Tek to "charge" some of their ormus-rich and etheric energy-charged nutritional supplement products and skin care products. For more information on their products or for information on ordering their products, please see their Ancient Technologies (aka Ancient Tek) website.

Introduction and Overview of the Intent of This Article
Since at least the early 1950's there have existed several aetheric energy technologies -- primarily used originally for treating agricultural soil and for other ag purposes -- which employed aetheric energy batteries along with high-voltage corona (and/or spark) discharges. Perhaps the best known of these technologies is the aetheric energy agricultural electro-culture device, also known as an aetheric energy charging device, along with its aetheric energy acidless battery (aka acid-free battery), first introduced in the early 1950s in Utah by a mysterious gentleman named Al Sinclair. There still exist to this day at least five devices based upon this early aetheric energy technology, most of them in the hands of researchers in the Rocky Mountain and Southwestern regions of the USA. The best-known of these devices is a highly-modified and evolved version of the technology which was created by Danae Harding and Vernon Roth of Ancient Technologies (aka Ancient Tek) to treat water (referenced by many as Sparky Water) and other products for use as energetic ormus-rich nutritional supplements. The Ancient Tek aetheric energy charging device, which they sometimes call an AquaMega device, employs a Joe Cell-like aetheric energy battery as one of its components. 

In this article I will be reporting some history and background information on the aetheric energy charging device technology employed by Danae Harding of Ancient Tek to charge their sparky water and other products, wherein the water is charged via a corona-like discharge emitted from a metal electrode suspended above the bottle in the final stage of the device (known as the charging cabinet.) As briefly referenced above, the basic technology which provides the foundation for the device actually has a history which traces directly back to at least the early 1950s (to a mysterious and enigmatic man named Al Sinclair), and perhaps earlier, and I tend to call any and all devices in this category, which employ a motor-generator set, step-up transformers, an acidless etheric energy battery, and both high voltage conventional AC or DC discharge combined with etheric energy, by the name Sinclair-type aetheric energy devices.

Please be advised that in a related article which will be found on this website, I report in detail upon results of some physical tests which I conducted in my laboratory mid-October 2007 upon used or "spent" electrolyte water -- which Danae calls "spent cell juice" -- which had sat in a bottle in storage for the 1.5 years since it was extracted from the Joe Cell-like alkaline (acidless) "aetheric energy battery" (or accumulator/translator) which is a component within the etheric energy device. Some of the test results were quite anomalous and interesting.

Any and all footnotes cited in text appear at the end of this article, near the bottom of the page.

Prefatory Notes
Please note that any errors or accidental misrepresentations in the stories told on this page are entirely my own, and are not the fault of any of my sources for the history of the technology or the details of the device in question!

Please also note that the information which appears below about the early origins of the technology, and particularly about the Dream Mine and Al Sinclair, are not related from a historical or theological perspective, but rather, have simply been drawn from the memories of one of the persons (whom I call Robert) involved, and drawn largely from his recollections from back when he was an 8-year old boy. It is true that his memories may well have grown a bit fuzzy with years, and thus it is possible that by the time he shared his tale (of Al Sinclair, the electro-culture soil charging device and the Dream Mine, etc.) with Danae and others, his recollection of some of the facts may have been distorted a bit by time; this is entirely understandable.

Lastly, if you have been drawn to this page primarily because of an interest in Joe Cells and related aetheric energy devices, then please be advised that you may also wish to explore at least two other webpages which I have created on related topics, as follows:
  • First, there is my Exotic Energies website, which looks at a wide range of technologies which employ exotic energies, including various etheric (aka aetheric) energy technologies.
  • Next, you may wish to visit a subsite of my above-mentioned Exotic Energies website which is devoted to subquantum aetheric energy receivers and chargers.
  • Lastly, you may also wish to visit one or more pages on my above-mentioned subsite (devoted to the topic of subquantum aetheric energy receivers) which briefly present some information on a nascent dry/solid-state (i.e., liquid-free) Joe Cell-like aetheric energy charger technology --which I call the Jenny Cell -- which I have developed based upon my research since the late 1970s with shape power and exotic forms of minerals and elements.

Background on Danae's Aetheric Energy Charging Device
Links to Articles
I believe that I have given some details, along with some relevant web links, on Danae's device and on related etheric energy technologies on my ormus-related email list groups (Ormus-PWT and Ormus-like at Yahoo Groups) and on my ormus-like website in the past. However, briefly, listed below are a couple of relevant links to web articles on the technology employed by Danae Harding and her son Vernon Roth (who is a trained and degreed electrical engineer); the two clearest articles seem to be articles in Pure Energy Systems News by Sterling Allan as follows:

Modified Joe Cell Extracts Aetheric Energy to Charge Water; subtitled: Device charges water electrically and magnetically. Sets off Geiger counter when the aetheric energy beings to flow.
Shocker Bottle -- Arc from Water; subtitled: Arc comes off the top of the magnetic water (distilled); evidence at your fingertips of aetheric science not accounted for by present models of physics.        

Incidentally, regarding the second-cited article listed above, I personally do not agree with the author's assertion, stated in the subtitle, that the phenomenon of being able to draw a spark off the water in the bottle indicates that any conventional laws of current-day modern physics are being broken, and rather, my tests of bottles of "Sparky Water", using voltmeters, digital Keithley electrometers and small magnetometer probes, have all yielded results -- at least so far -- which are entirely consonant with the conventional explanation that the effect is likely due to the Leyden Jar capacitor phenomenon first observed in 1745 by a German cleric/inventor and again independently in 1746 by a Dutch physicist. However, this finding regarding Leyden Jar effect  is not absolutely conclusive, and thus there always remains some possibility that at least some of the spark discharge effect seen with Sparky Water may indeed be due -- as has been claimed by author Allan (cited above) and by some researchers -- to some type of anomalous exotic energy phenomenon.

Overview and Brief History of the Aetheric Energy Charging Device
First, a disclaimer: the information which appears below about the early origins of the device and particularly about the Dream Mine and Al Sinclair, are not related from a historical or theological perspective, but rather, from the memories of one of the persons (whom I call Robert) involved, and largely from his recollections from when he was an 8-year old boy. Further, his memories may well have grown a bit fuzzy with years, and thus it is possible that by the time he shared his tale with Danae and others, his recollection of some of the facts may have been distorted a bit by time.

Despite assertions made in the above-cited articles by the author (Allan) that the technology for the device came to the builder in a dream a few years earlier, most available evidence, including a number of recountings of the development of the device by Danae Harding of Ancient Tek, along with reports from others, indicates that the basic "aetheric energy" technology which is the foundation for this device was first demonstrated in the early1950s in a rural region of Utah by a mysterious old man named Al Sinclair who had been spending a great deal of time working on various projects (largely related to his etheric energy device and his related acidless battery, also known as an acid-free battery or an alkaline battery) at a nearby gold mine named the Dream Mine, and who was reportedly an occasional houseguest/visitor at the nearby home of a boy (whom I will call by the pseudonymous name Robert in this article in an effort to afford him a bit of privacy), whose father and grandfather worked at the nearby mine. Over time, Al Sinclair apparently imparted some of his esoteric knowledge about soil conditioning, exotic rock ores, electro-culture and his strange etheric energy device to Robert and perhaps (according to some versions of the tale) to Robert's father and grandfather (both of whom worked at the mine) as well.

The Dream Mine
Let's take a brief detour here and talk for a bit about the Dream Mine, sometimes also called the Relief Mine, because it is a fascinating tale in and of itself. In 1894, a poor 24-year old Mormon dirt farmer named John H. Koyle, who had already built a reputation as having strong visionary, prophetic and intuitive abilities, had a vision in which he was shown a nearby mountainside a bit east of Salem, Utah, in Utah County, and was told that it contained -- in very specific places which were disclosed to him in the vision -- vast quantities of gold. Within a short time, Koyle gained access and mining rights to the property and started the Dream Mine; the mine project became very popular in the eyes of many local Mormons, and many invested in the new mining venture. Koyle was appointed a Bishop in the Mormon church in the early 1900s, largely due to his fame in the local Mormon community as a prophet and visionary and as the founder of the mine, which became a large and significant Utah social-religious phenomenon in its day. The mine never produced any salable gold, although it managed to falter along sporadically for many years, and in fact, it still exists today and is currently managed under the name Relief Mine by the Relief Mine company, some of whose officers asserted in a published interview a few years ago their belief that large deposits of gold will shortly be found at the mine. Koyle, largely due to his visions and his wild claims, eventually was stripped of his Bishop's title and was excommunicated from the Mormon Church, although it appears that he may have started a splinter breakaway Mormon sect after he was thrown out of the mainstream Mormon church. Incidentally, there exists at least one large email list group (on Yahoo Groups) devoted to the topic of the Dream Mine, and I am quite impressed with the quality of the information to be found therein. And, if you wish to read more information about the Dream Mine and Al Sinclair, you may wish to visit the articles at the following two offsite webpages: Bishop John H. Koyle: The Dream Mine Story; An Ongoing Compilation and The Relief Mine, Chapter 12.

Al Sinclair and his Electro-Culture Etheric Energy Device
Moving on with our tale about Robert and what he learned from Al Sinclair, it seems that Robert's father, along with Robert's grandfather Jesse, both of whom had apparently worked at the mine for a period of time, had met Sinclair in the early 1950s when Sinclair -- reportedly hailing originally from Texas -- rather suddenly appeared in the area and attempted to procure from the mine some of its ore for use in an acid-free, aka acidless, alkaline battery that he had developed, and also in an esoteric etheric energy device that he used to "charge" soil with a mysterious energy so that plants would grow with much more vigor, vitality and health; he called this latter soil-charging process by the name electro-culture and, when combined with application to the soil of certain exotic rock dusts (which he proposed producing from various ores to be found in the mine), he also called the treatment soil conditioning. Sinclair ended up living in the area in close association with the mine for a total of ten or twelve years before disappearing "without a trace", according to several persons who are familiar with the story.

Over the ten or twelve years that Sinclair spent at the mine and in its environs, he reportedly passed along some details of the soil-charging device to young Robert, and apparently (according to at least some reports) also to Robert's father and grandfather as well, before disappearing. The tale of the involvement of the mysterious Al Sinclair -- who was widely reported to have strong prophetic, visionary and intuitive powers (much akin to the abilities attributed to Koyle) -- with the Dream Mine has spawned a number of modern legends in certain circles in the worlds of fringe science, free energy research and occultism (and also in certain other circles, including some corners of Mormon and ExMo mysticism) and includes a number of assertions of links to ancient occultism, the Knights Templar, ancient Rosicrucian orders, the I Am Activity religion of the early 20th century and its tales of Ascended Masters and Mount Shasta (CA), the ascended master Saint Germain, the "Three Nephites" from the Book of Mormon and Mormon folklore, the ancient (but still-standing) Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland (located near Edinburgh) and its Templar links dating back to the 1400s, and the Sinclair family -- whose surname is also known as "St. Clair" -- which had originally built the Rosslyn chapel and temple; there are claims of involvement with or by reptoid reptilians1 as well. A number of early readers of this article have asked if there exist any written citations regarding the reported association of Sinclair and the Sinclair/St. Clair family with the Templars, Rosicrucianism, Ascended Masters, St. Germain and Mt. Shasta, and these questions are addressed as best as possible in a footnote2 on that topic, to be found at the end of this article.

This point seems as good a time as any to take another brief detour, this time to talk a bit more about the mysterious and enigmatic Al Sinclair. First, as mentioned above, he was widely believed by persons associated with the mine to have strong visionary and prophetic powers. Next, I would be remiss if I did not report that a number of folks in the mainstream Mormon religion, and particularly in some breakaway Mormon sects, seem to believe that Al Sinclair was one of the Three Nephites of Mormon history, and specifically, they have claimed that Sinclair may have been the mythological figure called "Alma the Younger" or "the translated Alma the Younger"; Alma the Younger was one of the three Nephite prophets named in the Book of Mormon. Sinclair reportedly spent most of his ten or twelve years of association with the Dream Mine largely devoted to efforts to experiment with and improve his etheric energy soil charging device, his acidless battery which used an alkaline electrolyte, and also some related soil conditioning technologies which involved application to fields of a rock dust derived from ores found in the mine as well as the use of the electro-culture device.

Sinclair also seems to have written extensively, if largely in privately-circulated letters and papers, on his device and his visions for agriculture enhanced by electro-culture and his soil conditioning protocols. I have reproduced below some of his writings on the topic from the late 1950s.

First, here are some of his words on his conviction that exotic trace elements and exotic forms (which some folks nowadays call "ormus") of precious metal elements were to be found in the ore from the Dream Mine:

"Truly, there is rich gold in the HILL*, a Richer Gold than the metal type with which the world is more familiar and sacrifices so much to gain and amass.
It is a Spiritual Gold, and it is in addition to that of the metallic type which is also therein"  12-29-57
*note: Editor's note: it is believed that the "HILL" about which Sinclair wrote was, of course, the mountainside in which the Dream Mine was located.

And here are some words from him on his etheric energy electro-culture device:


The Abandoned Device is Later Found and Resurrected from Storage
In any case, Robert seems to have ended up with some basic information about the ground-charging etheric energy device and Sinclair's acidless battery before Sinclair disappeared under somewhat mysterious circumstances. It is reported that in the years after Al Sinclair left Dream Mine, leaving his soil-charging device behind in a storage shed, Robert, by that time about 35 years old, gained permission to borrow the machine from the mine for use in his own research. Later in his adulthood, still living in Utah, Robert attempted to resurrect the now long-disused aetheric energy charging device. He reportedly was not able to make it function at first, and realized that the problem most likely lay in his attempts to recreate the alkaline electrolyte liquid needed to fill the acidless battery --  the etheric energy battery built by Al Sinclair, and which was a battery employing an alkaline electrolyte that incorporated as a key ingredient a powdered ore from the mine -- that was the heart of the device. In his quest to render the device functional, he eventually approached a man -- whom, for the purposes of this article, I will call by the name "George" -- who had been a friend of his father and who had been associated with the Dream Mine himself. More importantly, George was also a fringe science researcher and an alchemist, and thus Robert hoped that George might be able to solve the mystery of the alkaline electrolyte for the etheric energy acidless battery. In short order, after hearing his tale of the acidless battery, George gave Robert a bucketful of an exotic powder -- the product of an exotic alchemical process performed upon the ashes of spruce wood harvested from trees grown in highly alkaline soil in the Rockies -- to try in the electrolyte liquid in the battery. The exotic powder, which was apparently high in the so-called ormus form of minerals and trace elements, solved the problem, the device became functional, and Robert reportedly (according to some sources) modified the device slightly to make it more powerful as well, but the basic design was still largely that of the original etheric soil charging device which had been employed by Sinclair in the 1950s, still adapted for use in charging soil for agricultural crop purposes. The original acid-free (aka acidless) alkaline electrolyte battery used by Sinclair is reported to have used in the liquid a soft black ore from a vein which was found at a point about 410 feet into the mine from its entrance; the ore found in the vein has also been described as a "soft black gouge" (sic) to be found "near the portal in the old upper workings." Other reports have described the same ore as black and hard, but waxy and with a low melting point. For some further detail on Sinclair, the mine and the black ore used in his acid-free battery, you may wish to see a fascinating article to be found offsite at a website article entitled Bishop John H. Koyle: The Dream Mine Story; An Ongoing Compilation and some corroborating details may be found in an offsite webpage article called The Relief Mine, Chapter 12.
Robert eventually passed on the information about the technology to Danae, who later, acting upon guidance received in a dream, built her own modified  version of the device; she has reported that it took her and her son Vernon -- who has a strong background as well as a degree in electronics and electrical engineering and also an interest in the strange fringes of science -- six months to complete the construction of the device. As mentioned earlier, Danae had been guided by visions and dreams to modify the device somewhat, and to use it for charging water and other liquids with aetheric energy instead of the original purpose of charging garden soil. There were some bumps encountered along the way with the project, however, and initially, the device which Danae and Vernon had built would not function after construction was completed; Danae later reported that she eventually learned that her original efforts to build the device had inadvertently incorporated 128 errors, which she was eventually able to correct under direct guidance received from Holy Spirit and her guides. So, in the ensuing months after she had first completed construction of the device, Danae was shown in a series of dreams and visions how she would need to modify the device in order to allow it to function properly. She promptly followed the instructions which had been given to her on an inner level, and once she had done so, the device reportedly began to function well.

Incidentally, in early November 2007 I started receiving a number of reports which indicated that one or more persons in the ormus world and/or free energy world were accidentally spreading the erroneous rumor that Robert had ultimately died of poisoning from negative orgone energy, also known as deadly orgone, or DOR, emitted by his machine, and that others who have worked with this technology have grown ill as well. While it is true that some, including Robert, who have worked with this technology have at times grown ill from what seems to have been a harmful form of radiation emitted by the machine, no one has died, and I have created a dedicated page on this website, entitled Some Details on the Harmful Radiation, aka Deadly Orgone, aka DOR, Reportedly Emitted by the Sinclair-type Aetheric Energy Charging Devices, which examines and discusses the entire matter of "harmful radiation" apparently emitted by these devices when they are operating.

It is worth mentioning here that George  -- who was mentioned above as the fringe science researcher/alchemist who helped Robert by providing and exotic alkaline powder for use in the electrolyte -- also learned the basics of the Sinclair etheric energy technology from Robert in the months after initially helping Robert to get his borrowed Sinclair aetheric energy device running; this would be at roughly the same time that Danae and her son Vernon acquired the basic information about the technology. George still owns a version of the device (which I have seen in operation), which also employs an acidless etheric energy battery a la Al Sinclair's original design, that was largely built by Robert. George also later built a highly-modified and smaller version of the device, closer in design and function to a so-called Joe Cell (let us note here that the actual technology had existed well before some latter-day free energy researchers coined the informal name Joe Cell for this particular configuration of concentric cylinders) which are currently quite popular in free energy circles, for himself. George currently employs this modified device, along with some other innovative etheric energy components, including four acidless etheric energy batteries, to partially power his old Ford pickup truck which has over 360,000 miles on the engine (which has never been rebuilt or replaced.) I have personally seen this modified pickup truck, which appears to be partially powered by aetheric energy, and George was kind enough to give me a very impressive ride in it.

It is also worth mentioning that there are also reports (available in obscure places on the web) that Robert's father Melvin also built a simple version of the device in later years and that he has demonstrated his model of the etheric energy charging device for visitors at times.

An Interesting Side Note About a Reported Attempt to Purchase the Technology
I have heard from two persons associated with the technology and with Robert that at one point -- as word had spread about the healing properties of the water charged by the aetheric energy charging device, Robert was approached by a major company in the bottled water field, and they reportedly offered him 5 million dollars outright for the aetheric energy charging device and for consulting assistance in building a larger version of the device at their bottling facility. According to the stories, Robert turned down the offer for three reasons, namely:
  • he feared that they would want "exclusive" rights to the technology
  • he was very concerned about the as-yet-unremediated high levels of harmful radiation emitted by the device and which had already made him very ill at one point; the prospective purchaser knew nothing about this matter.
  • the device in his possession at the time was not his, but rather, was owned by the Dream Mine and was simply on loan to him. However, this could not have been a major factor in his reported decision to decline the offer, since he could easily have built another device for the water bottling company.

More Bumps in the Road
As I have recounted above, Danae and her son Vernon built the device and she finally, after some time and effort, managed to debug it and nudge it into operation. However, there were some further bumps encountered once the device was up and running, including reports from the builder of massive quantities of ionizing radiation3 -- which reportedly could not be blocked by lead shielding -- which poured a number of critical components within the device when it was operational and which apparently drove Geiger counters (i.e., ionizing radiation monitors) off-scale at distances of up to about ten feet4 away from the device (and which also caused PCs located throughout their home to crash); this same radiation seemed to render Danae quite ill during her early days of operating the device; for more information on the radiation and the reported illnesses, please see the page on this website entitled Some Details on the Harmful Radiation, aka Deadly Orgone, aka DOR, Reportedly Emitted by the Sinclair-type Aetheric Energy Charging Devices. Each of these challenges were eventually resolved satisfactorily and Danae was able to continue to use the device to charge water and other products. Incidentally, all the reports of the behavior of the radiation and of the measures which finally were employed to shield against it (while lead did not work, aluminum sheet seemed to offer effective shielding), fluffy Reichian esoteric notions aside for the moment, seem to indicate that it may have been neutron radiation. In some ways, this would not be surprising, since there have been fairly regular reports of anomalous bursts of neutron radiation from many later-generation instantiations of cold fusion electrochemical cells and related electrochemical cells used for research into anomalous anode glow; these cells bear a resemblance to the modified Joe Cell battery in Danae's charging device.

Notes About the Technology
Basically and briefly, the aetheric energy charging device, sometimes called an AquaMEGA device by its builders, is based upon the 1950s era Al Sinclair aetheric energy soil charging electro-culture device, and the AquaMEGA seems to consist of a scavenged 3 HP electrical motor (it has been stated by the builders that a much smaller motor would be sufficient) driving a small generator which creates a conventional AC electrical current flow which drives some more esoteric downstream components; some persons associated with the project have stated that they feel that the AC current produced by the motor-generator set may contain an etheric energy component as well. The current then flows to what Danae describes as a device which is akin to a modified Joe Cell, intended to draw aetheric energy into the circuit. And briefly, while on the topic of kissing cousins of the Joe Cell, it is likely worthwhile mentioning here that Joe Cells have become wildly popular in certain sectors of the free energy and strange science worlds, wherein the experimenters who build them create them with the intention of employing them for the purposes of improving the fuel mileage and power of internal combustion engines (ICE) in motor vehicles (and, at times, a few have claimed, as the sole source of energy for an ICE.)

Much as has been mentioned above, the current from the motor-generator set in the device passes through a device that the developers (Danae Harding and Vernon Roth) describe as being somewhat similar to a Joe Cell; Danae often describes this device as a "battery", and she has stated that it can also be viewed as an etheric energy (aka aetheric energy) accumulator or translator. This Joe Cell-like "battery", which is built into the outer casing of a discarded motorcycle battery, and which employs 36 brass plates, employs an exotic golden-yellow alkaline translucent liquid (which appears to exhibit strong ormus-like and alchemical properties) as an electrolyte; it is the used or spent electrolyte from this cell that I discuss at length in my report on this website entitled A Report on My Laboratory Analysis of Spent Electrolyte Liquid (aka "Cell Juice") from the Ancient Tek Aetheric Energy Charging Device. Danae believes that the "battery", due to esoteric properties of the electrolyte, acts as a transducer to draw etheric energies (aka aetheric energy, and aka orgone energy) into the circuit, where it modulates the already-existing electrical current present in the device. The mixed electrical/etheric output from the "battery" is then routed to the lower tap of a high-performance single-winding ferromagnetic core autotransformer (in this case, a high-performance after-market automotive ignition coil was used) and the HV output from the top of the coil drives a Tesla-style open air coil to step up EMF to about the 100 kV level; this mixed conventional/etheric current flow is then used to treat bottled water by bathing it in a corona-like discharge, converting it into "sparky water".

The afore-mentioned electrolyte liquid in the modified Joe Cell "battery" is a translucent alkaline liquid -- which exhibits a strong golden-yellow color -- which Danae produces in her lab; she says that the process is so complex and time-consuming that it takes her three days to produce one quart of the liquid; she has also stated that the process is so delicate and critical that about 25% of the batches turn out to be unusable. The electrolyte liquid consists of water along with two primary ingredients which are mixed with water and then treated and conditioned prior use in the modified Joe Cell battery. One of the two primary ingredients is an exotic high-ormus soft white ore -- which has an appearance and properties somewhat akin to that of Pascalite clay from WY but which seems to exhibit very esoteric effects (I have some samples here which Danae sent me as a gift, and I ingest small quantities of the ore about twice per week) -- which Danae harvested from a small ore vein found in an abandoned mine (Danae reports that she had been guided to the ore vein and the mine via inner guidance); the ore is powdered via pulverization prior to adding it to the water. Incidentally, the soft whitish mineral ore has been shown via conventional analytic methods to be high in strontium, containing about 20% strontium (according to my scientific colleague who commissioned the analysis of the ore, much of the remaining mass seemed to be largely unidentifiable using conventional atomic mass spectrometry methods of analysis.) The second ingredient is an ash made by burning wood harvested from fir trees growing in what Danae has described as rich volcanic soil on a mountain ridge in the Rockies. Danae has told me that the ash created by burning consists of a whitish component and a brownish component. She isolates only the brown ash and it is this that she mixes with the water along with the white ore powder to create the electrolyte liquid. The golden yellow liquid is conditioned for a couple of days in an electrolytic cell (not a Joe Cell configuration) prior to use as an electrolyte in the modified Joe Cell battery. 

And Now, for a Report on My Analysis of the Spent Cell Juice from the Etheric Energy Battery
We have covered here some basics of the technology and its history; if you wish to learn about my laboratory study of the spent cell juice from the Joe Cell-like etheric energy battery in the device, please feel free to visit the report on my assay of the spent cell juice, which will be found on this website. In the article, I report in detail upon results of some physical tests which I conducted in mid-October 2007, at my laboratory located in the Appalachian Mountains of eastern U.S., upon used "spent" electrolyte water -- which Danae calls "spent cell juice" -- which had sat in a bottle in storage for 1.5 years since it was extracted from the Joe cell-like "aetheric energy battery" (or accumulator/translator) which is a component within the etheric energy device. Some of the test results were quite anomalous and interesting.

The Potential Applications of the Technology
In November 2007, we enjoyed a visit to our wilderness mountainside home and lab here in the Appalachian Mountains of the eastern U.S. by two women (one an MD) who are accomplished healers, intuitives, clairsentients and psychics. During their visit, I related to them some of the tales about the Al Sinclair-type etheric energy devices, and told them about some of the uses to which the device has been put so far (i.e., charging agricultural soil and charging water); I also gave them a chance to hold a bottle of Sparky Water produced by Danae's version of the device and a bottle of the spend cell juice from Danae's device. After hearing my explanation of the technology and handling the aforementioned sample bottles and sensing the energies and "frequencies" contained therein, they both commented that they felt that while using the Sinclair-type device for the purposes of treating water and soil was admirable, they felt that it was a gross under-utilization of the device, and that it was somewhat akin to using a nuclear generating station to power an Ipod. This comment immediately brought to mind a comment which Danae had written once about the technology, wherein she wrote about her sense and Vernon's that the technology could be used for even more advanced purposes (note: in the quote below, the name of one person has been changed to "Robert" to afford him a bit of privacy):

"A long time ago, Robert and Vernon had talked about the ultimate use for the machine and both said that they felt that using it to charge water was like using a Corvette for a storage unit."

At this juncture, I can simply observe that as of November 2007, I am aware of efforts to use various modified versions of the technology for the following purposes in addition to those of treating water and agricultural soil:

  • to partially power a pickup truck in order to yield greater gasoline mileage and to increase the power of the engine.
  • to partially power a Star Gate-type device which is intended to allow the user to physically travel in space or time.
  • to act as the energy source for an Integratron-type (vis a vis George Adamski's desert project in the 1950s and 1960s) regeneration device for the purposes of physical healing and regeneration
I can also report that I am in the process of constructing an etheric energy device which, while it employs several odd types of exotic etheric energy batteries or cells, differs drastically from the Al Sinclair-type technology in that it does not employ any high voltage AC or DC currents and does not employ any high voltage transformers or spark/corona discharges. Based upon inner guidance which I have received, my first planned use for this device, when it is completed, will be to treat sealed bottles of spring water, and a secondary use which I plan to explore is to use the device, coupled to two large metal plates, as a kind of regeneration chamber. I will hopefully report more on all of this as time passes.

note: Footnotes section appears below.

This article discusses an exotic etheric energy technology employed by Ancient Tek to "charge" some of their ormus-rich and etheric energy-charged nutritional supplement products and skin care products. For more information on their products or for information on ordering their products, please see their Ancient Technologies (aka Ancient Tek) website.

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The term "forbidden science" was first coined in the 1980s by Dr. Jaques Vallee, a PhD computer scientist and strange/fringe science researcher, to describe those fields of scientific investigation that the current scientific "establishment" tends to view as quack science, or as fringe science, and as undesirable topics for "serious" scientists to research; those fields include the topic of UFOs and "space aliens", alchemy, ormus nutritionals, the paranormal, overunity devices, exotic energies (aka prana or chi) beyond the pale of conventional electromagnetics, and numerous other "fringe science" and "strange science" realms.

This list group serves as a continuation of the various legacy forbidden science list groups, listed above, that were operated by Vinny Pinto for 15+ years until the October 2019 downscaling of Yahoo Groups. Vinny is a mystic, spiritual teacher/guide, spiritual healer, and a multi-disciplinary consulting and R&D scientist/engineer.

The primary focus of this list group is to discuss topics in the realms of forbidden science, aka strange science, aka fringe science, including UFOs and "space aliens", alchemy, ormus nutritionals, the paranormal, overunity devices, exotic energies (aka prana or chi) beyond the pale of conventional electromagnetics, and numerous other "fringe science" and "strange science" realms.

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1. When I use the term reptilians herein, I am not referencing the so-called reptoid reptilians which purportedly are malicious and claimed to be in cahoots with the "alien grays", and which are claimed to have come from another star system, and about which David Icke and some other New Age conspiracy-theory popularizers chirp and chatter endlessly with fear-laden overtones, but rather the sources whom I am quoting seem instead to be referencing the more sober and down-to-earth hypothesis that there may exist on earth an ancient pre-human sentient bipedal reptilian species -- commonly known as reptoid reptilians -- which lives largely in very remote areas and underground, and whose origin predates that of modern humans by millions of years; these reptilians are believed to be largely non-aggressive and harmless. One website which seems to present this hypothesis in a fairly rational matter is the Reptoids Research Center website of John Rhodes.

2. Much as indicated in the text above, several correspondents have contacted me after reading my article to ask me if there exist any written records/citations of the claimed associations of the Sinclair/St. Clair family with the "Ascended Masters",  St. Germain, Mt. Shasta, and the Templars. Here is what I know:

To my best knowledge, the vast majority of the purported links for the Sinclair/St. Clair family which I have listed (as cited above) in my article, including the purported links to Mt. Shasta and "ascended master" Saint Germain, are not written anywhere, and rather, seem to exist only in the word-of-mouth oral tradition. In the case of all of the links which I have cited, I have heard each numerous times from a number of folks with whom I have come in contact while researching this topic, many of whom were Mormons, ExMos and ExCoMos (excommunicated Mormons) who had been rather close to the whole Dream Mine/Sinclair saga as it unfolded.

Further, I can report that the purported link of the Sinclair/St. Clair family to St. Germain, the "Ascended Masters" and Mt. Shasta seems to have largely been made in the context of the many documents which emerged from the I AM religious movement(s) and a number of related religious or spiritual movements in the first 70 years of the 20th century; these documents asserted that the "ascended masters" and other "mystical guides" maintained a secret base (some writers claimed a "secret city") buried deep beneath Mt. Shasta in California, and that this base or city was powered by advanced etheric energy technologies and by giant machinery which ran on a mysterious etheric energy. A number of references to this claim may be found in the various books issued by the main I AM Activity movement and a number of related offshoot I AM "churches", and some references may be found in the writings of some of the "Essene movement" authors of that era, and a few references may be found in the strange book written by U. S. Andersen in his later years (as he left behind his more practical spiritual writings on the wisdom of surrender to Holy Spirit and God, and instead drifted toward becoming more "New Agey") entitled "The Secret Power of Pyramids", which bears a 1977 copyright, but which seems to have been written by Andersen largely in the 1950s and the 1960s. In this book, he describes entering this city beneath Mt. Shasta, and, much like the I AM/Violet Light authors before him, describes having seen all kinds of "wondrous machinery" powered by an esoteric etheric energy.

Lastly, on the related general topic of Sinclair's etheric energy device, I must note that I have recently become aware of several largely incorrect/untrue "negative" rumors which have been circulating about the device -- largely, apparently, via some of ormus list groups -- and, as time permits, I will be creating yet another page on that same website (it will be linked from the page) which will cover in some detail the assertions of "bad radiation" emitted by the device. When I have created and uploaded that page, it will not only be linked from my existing article on the technology, but I will also announce the article and the link on my Ormus-like list group and my Exotic-energy list group.

3. Regarding the many and conflicting reports of harmful radiation emitted by these devices when in operation, and I have created a dedicated page on this website, entitled Some Details on the Harmful Radiation, aka Deadly Orgone, aka DOR, Reportedly Emitted by the Sinclair-type Aetheric Energy Charging Devices, which examines and discusses the entire matter of "harmful radiation" emitted apparently by these devices when they are operating.

Despite the very consistent reports that the radiation passed directly through lead shielding with ease, it has been reported to me that the only types of ionizing radiation detected in the vicinity of Danae's aetheric energy device (and largely within a distance of ten to fifty feet) by a radiation spectrometer was alpha and beta radiation, with little or no gamma radiation (although, it must be noted, there seems to exist a special and unusual operating configuration for the device in which the amount of gamma radiation emitted increases by one or two orders of magnitude.) It is also worth noting here that at least one web-based article about the device has claimed that the device, when operated, drove radiation monitors located a half-mile away from the device into gross off-scale or overscale readings. That assertion appears to be entirely untrue, and instead Danae reports that ionizing radiation monitors located up to about ten feet away from the device were driven into overscale readings while the device was in operation.


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